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Parliamentary members, Chairmans of the Group visited Haifu medical technology company

Release Date:2017-03-02 Source:HF Click:901Second

On October 31, 2013, the European parliamentary members: Mr. Nirj Deva, Chairman of the Group, Vice-Chairman of the Group, and their team visited the Haifu company. The general manager Jiang Gang gave a warm reception. Peng Xiang from International Affairs direction, presented in details the non-invasive treatment of ultrasound tumor therapeutic system, its indication and the application of Haifu’s equipment in Europe.


Mr. Nirj Deva was excited when he heard that the ultrasound system could treat pancreatic cancer without operation, extend significantly the patient’s life as well as improve patient’s life by pain relief. He called immediately his friend suffering from pancreatic cancer in Europe. He asked Peng Xiang to explain this treatment used in clinical application for 13 years in Oxford University. He hoped Haifu could arrange a treatment for his friend.


Final demonstration provided Mr. Nirj Deva and his team with a clear and deep understanding of this treatment. They all expressed their willingness to offer a hand to promotion as well as R&D cooperation of Haifu in Europe.