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The sketch of "Cultural China, Splendid Sichuan" European tour

Release Date:2017-03-02 Source: Click:2652Second

On June 28, 2011, in the European Parliament in Brussels, China once again became the focus of all the people. The kick-off event: high-level speech, was held in the lecture hall of the European Parliament, marking the start of "Cultural China, splendid Sichuan” European Tour. Vice- President of European Parliament: Rainer WIELAND, Libor ROUČEK; Rivellini, Chair of the European Parliament's delegation for relations with China, chairman of left-wing coalition group : Bielski arrived early in the morning. The lecture hall was filled with about 300 people, who are members, officials and staff of the European Parliament, other EU institutions officials, and representatives from EU think tanks, media, organizations.

Ambassador Song Zhe, head of the mission to the European Union, delivered firstly a keynote speech. Ambassador Song attached great importance to this event. He thought that the event, going beyond an intensive display of Chinese territorial history, culture and economic development, was a reflection of new trend of Sino-EU people-to-people communication: flowing from central government to local authority with innovated forms, richer content and wide engagement. Ambassador Song also recalled the visit to Sichuan with president of European Council: Herman Van Rompuy one month ago. He referred to the comments of President when he witnessed the reconstruction work.

Ambassador Song stressed that the Sichuan reconstruction cannot obtained such success in a short time without perseverance, tenacious fighting spirits of Chinese people, solidarity of whole nation, or international assistance, including EU. Either can we reestablish from ruins without the Communist Party’s support and government’s principle: “put people first, govern for people”.

"People are the foundation of the country, the country will be safe if the foundation is firmed", " The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up”, by quoting Chinese ancient aphorisms and referring to the Chinese histories, Ambassador Song explained the idea of " the masses are the creators of history " is deeply rooted in China’s ancient culture.

When Ambassador Song referred to the famous statement “Man is the measure of all things”, of ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras ", indicating that the "people-oriented" humanistic thought is also found in European traditional culture, this caused resonance among attendants, nodding in agreement. Ambassador Song pointed out that this common point provides a new basis for mutual learning and common development. He further presents the detailed measures to ensure and improve people's wellbeing in Chinese "12th Five-Year" planning, and the objectives, such as promoting the education justice, promoting job creation, adjusting the income distribution relationship, realizing the full coverage of basic medical insurance, deepen the reform of the housing system, in order to increase "happiness index" and create "Happy China".

In the following, the vice governor of Sichuan province Huang Xiaoxiang, reviewed the Sichuan earthquake relief work and reconstruction progress, citing a rich set of statistics. According to him, with the strong leadership of the Chinese government, China not only completes the post-disaster reconstruction work, but also deepens the opening and development of Sichuan, maintains its rapid growth, turning successfully the crisis into opportunity, 
The exhibition of pictures came after the meeting and attracted a lot of people. The vivid and beautiful pictures displayed fully natural scenery, cultural landscape, ethnic customs, food culture. The audience thus come to understand Sichuan, feel Sichuan, travel in Sichuan, in this luxurious feast for eyes.

At 20 pm, in Bozar rang the beginning bell of the grand evening gala, which consists an important part of the "culture of China, splendid Sichuan" large-scale activities.

The giant posters outside the theatre was remarkable. The theater was packed with The auditorium of around 500 places was fully packed by EU’s officials, MEPs, representatives of Member States, local media reporters and social organizations, school teachers and students, and Chinese diplomatic officials from Embassy and Mission, etc.

The performance was started by a Sichuan promotion video, casted on the big main screen, presenting the cultural variations and dynamics in south-west of China, as well as colorful folk culture in Bashu region. Then, " Drum dance", "Chinese Kung Fu”, "rolling lights", "red silk dance", "Panda", "face changing":  dance, acrobatics and martial arts programs were put on the stage one after another. The audience were fascinated by the amazing performance and the graceful postures. The performance showed the optimist attitudes and high spirits of Sichuan people in the reconstruction and development of the West after the disaster.

In the end, all the actors sang together a song "Heartfelt thanks to you", expressing their gratitude to EU’s aid. The actors also presented Hada to the audience, singing over and over again “thank you”, leading the spectacle to the climax. The audience standing up spontaneously, burst into thunderous applause.

Many European officials approached initiatively Chinese diplomatic officials to deliver their warm congratulations on the success of the spectacle. They additionally talked with great interests on this morning’s Senior Lecture and photo exhibition, especially the keynote speech of Ambassador Song Zhe, head of mission to the European Union. These, together with tonight’s spectacle, made them see the rise of the Sichuan people  after earthquake and their high spirit to rebuild the hometown, get more knowledge of the China’s Western Development strategy, as well as further understanding of Chinese “people-oriented” governance.

One of the MEPs said that today he found China an optimistic and confident great power, pursuing harmonious development and friendly cooperation.

A European diplomat said the exhibition and spectacle took the audience to new-built homeland in Sichuan, he still remembered when earthquake scene reported on television. Far out of his expectation, within just 3 years, arrays of new buildings are erected on the ruins. He admired the efficiency and pragmatic attitude of Chinese government.

A European scholar said that he had already heard of the Chinese face changing art and it was a great honor to admire the show today and it was indeed such a superb performing arts. "The spectacle was amazing! How many ethnic minorities are there in Sichuan? Chinese minority clothing is so beautiful! Where I can learn minority dance? Can foreigners learn face changing...."

European college students expressed their desire to visit Sichuan in the future!

Midsummer in Brussels, echoed the melody of EU-China friendship, lingering in the night sky.